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Your holiday in Nerissa Hotel;

It will be a holiday where you will have fun, rest and relax in the shade of citrus and palm trees of the Mediterranean climate and enjoy all the time in the spacious garden that is designed with an ideal landscape arrangement and that is missed for those who live in the city. If you want to experience simple but comfortable times in a natural environment of 14.000 m2 with a lush nature that will refresh you, you are expected to have a holiday full of peace and oxygen. Nerissa Hotel, which is composed of 35 rooms, apart and villas, 100-120 beds, is 80 km away from Antalya Airport and provides transportation convenience by giving a private shuttle service to its guests upon request. You can enjoy the sun in the pool of Nerissa Hotel or on the blue-flagged Çıralı beach right next to the Nerissa Hotel, where Mediterranean blue is surrounded by lush forests. Çıralı Bay is 3.9 km long and surrounded by Olympos ancient city and Karaburun. The world famous Caretta Caretta turtles, which are under protection, travel thousands of miles every year and come to Çıralı bay and leave their eggs. Observing the efforts of the Caretta turtles who come out of their eggs in the early morning light to reach the sea will be one of the most enjoyable and rare experiences of your holiday. With our bikes that we offer free of charge, you can take a stroll at any time and you can discover Çıralı and recognize the people who live here. Visit Yanartaş (Chimaera) which is famous around the world with its legendary unblinking fire, or take an evening walk on the 550 km old Lycian trade road passing through Çıralı, or read a book that you like with lying on the hammocks in our garden accompanied by bird sounds. All of them will be unforgettable memories of your vacation and you will be looking forward to your next vacation. Çıralı and Nerissa Hotel are ideal not only for your summer holidays, but also for a short visit, a weekend break or stress, and are worth a visit even in the winter. Wishing to see you at the Nerissa Hotel, which welcomes you with the comfort of your home in this geographical region, where summer and winter guests live in a magnificent natural beauty.

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