At the other end of the beach from Cirali, lie the extensive ruins of the ancient city of Olympos. Dating from 2000 BC, Olympos was one of the major cities of the Lycian union. This important city served as both a centre for trade and a pirate stronghold for many centuries. The growing Roman Empire put an end to the rule of the corsairs in 76-77 BC and churches started to appear with the spread of Christianity. Following the

The legendary Chimaera is located just above Cirali, a wonder of nature where flames arise from the mountainside. According to ancient myth it is the resting place of the fire breathing, lion headed, goat bodied and snake tailed Chimaera. The story goes that the warrior Bellerophon, who fought alongside the Anatolians in Troy, was ordered to kill this monster by the king of Lycia. While our hero was resting on his way, he wa

Cirali Bay, home of sea turtles, legendary flames and Lycian ruins, is a place where history and nature meet. Surrounded by stunning high mountains and a clear turquoise sea, Cirali is a welcome retreat from busy cities and overdeveloped resorts. Behind the beach lies a mix of fruit farms, small pensions and restaurants.Starting from Musa Mountain in the south, Cirali beach stretches 3,2 km to the rocky Karaburun headland. D